Translator For Hire EN/ES/CAT/RUS

About Me

Hi there! I am gxxrde but you can just call me George. I speak 4 languages fluently and I am looking for jobs.
I speak fluent english, spanish, catalan and russian and I can also speak french but I’m not the best.
If you think I am lying, the reasons I speak so many languages is because, my family is both russian and english, I live in catalonia where I have to study catalan and spanish, and ive been forced to study french for 4 years now.


I haven’t translated anything on roblox but I mainly translate interviews from my local newspaper when ever they have international interviewees.


I am available around 2-3 hours every day, but I am also working on a development project and I need full attention on that, but I will find my way through.


5€ for just a small package, such as a simple GUI
10€ for a bit more complicated stuff, like translate an entire rule book.
20€ for a full on game.


Contact me on discord, I am very active on discord gxxrde#4854.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey, @gxxrde
I’m interested in working with you, please add me here:
raw blocky#3061

I look forward to working with you! :smiley:


Hello! Just to point that you might have trouble when translating to Catalan because the localization portal currently doesn’t support it. See the supported languages here:


Would it be possible for you to show us those articles (original and your translations)? Also one more thing. I think that you should try and get certificates of how fluent you are with those languages since the more languages we know, the more wonky is the rest of them.


I wanted to inform you that Catalan isn’t supported in the localization portal so you can’t translate games to that language

Also, can you prove that you have skills talking these languages? Do you have any certifications that can prove it? We would like to see how fluent you are!

I also would like to complain about your payment method
Paying per GUI is not recommended at all! It can always vary and change, making it inaccurate and sometimes unfair. Maybe do your pricing depending on strings / cells or words, it works better that way.

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