Translator portal question:

Quick question what am I supposed to put in each of the fields if I wish to translate:

‘You’ll see, because it’s finally time for me to take everything from YOU!’
Ya lo verás, ¡porque finalmente es hora de que te quite todo!


Text to translate: the string that it’s in game.

Key: people leave this out so it’s not mandatory. I honestly don’t know what does it do.

Context: place in the workspace example: PlayerGui.Screen.YouGuiHere.Text
Forgot to add here that you can put in a few locations at once if the string repeats itself.

Example: usually left out by people, it’s an example of a sentence that best helps the translator orient themselves on what’s the context for the translated string.

If you wish to translate the best thing would be for you to enable auto-scraping. It’s going to collect all strings in game for you. But before you do, make sure to untick the scraping option in the text’s properties for things like pet names or anything with the user’s input. It’s also going to collect that.

Under any DO NOT USE Google Translate. It’s proven to decrease player count because people do see when something is half-butted in their language and leave the game knowing that the developer doesn’t care about their game. Besides, there are many translators who are cheap and reliable.


From what I saw, I think the fields “Key”, “Context”, “Example” stay empty(?) and you put the text that you want to be translated into the “Text to Translate” field.

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Context stays empty if it’s added manually but it usually doesn’t work or breaks some other labels so it’s best to have something in there.


Ah okay I understand, thank you!