Tree cutting game help

I’m making a tree cutting game, and I ran into a concept problem.

How do you think players would feel about cutting colored trees rather than ordinary ones?
Currently this is the map, it looks immersive and fun compared to green trees. But is it a bad idea to use colored trees instead?

The way the mechanism works is when you hit a tree enough times, it explodes (no fire or smoke) and drops a bunch of wooden sticks. Unlike lumber tycoon where you get a marker showing you how much you need to go.

Should I stick with colored trees or normal trees?

Definitely use the green and yellow trees. If you’re having trouble with whether or not to use coloured trees, try using blue or orange trees as well.

So the purple is a no go? I was thinking the same thing. If I have normal trees the map looks less fun, so maybe I keep the more “real” looking trees like the yellow and green ones

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Not telling you to remove the purple ones. If you want realism you should probably remove them but I honestly think it could work well with a bit of a fantasy kind of vibe. Still, it’s your game, your choice.

Okay, I will keep them and use it as an exotic type of tree

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I recommend trying out blue and orange trees like I suggested, it could turn out really good. Maybe also try having multiple tree types to make it a bit more varied than just colour.