Trello API Help

I’m currently using Trello API to track blacklists (because I rather create my own system than use popular models) and I am wondering how I would get a Card Name from the certain list. So when the player joins the game, we want the script to check if their name is the same as a card name and if it is, it will kick them. But for some reason, the method I used doesn’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas? My script is below:

	local boardid = apimodule:GetBoardID("(board)")
	local listid = apimodule:GetListID("Blacklists",boardid)
	if plr.Name == apimodule2:SearchCardInList("(id)",plr.Name) then
		plr:Kick("You were recently blacklisted, this can only be appealed by a Corporate.")
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Just a world of advice, When you’re using any Module Scripts it helps if you could provide some insight on the module’s code. Specifically the functions.

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Would sending the actual API Model I used help?

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