Trick Or Treat In Noobie Hills Changelog

A Changelog for all Upcoming and Past updates in Noobie Hills.

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0.1.03A (12/24/2021)

  • Made some minor changes to the graveyard
  • Added some Dialogue to a new character the “Graveyard Keeper
  • Bug Fixes
0.1.02A (12/23/2021)
  • Added zombies to kill which give you candy.
  • Added secret badge hidden somewhere by the graveyard
  • New house area still under development
  • More Bug Fixes

0.1.01A (12/23/2021)
  • Neighborhood is finished
  • 3 New Badges are added
  • New house area under development
  • bug fixes

0.1A (12/23/2021)
  • Game is Released into alpha


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