Tried to make some dubstep, ending up something random

I was bored, so I followed a tutorial teaches how to make some dubstep. But, somehow the result is not dubstep, it is completely something else, and oddly enough I think it sounds fairly okay.

Any thoughts about this? I probably would implement this for my future game or something…


The bass’ notes seem all over the place a bit but blend in later on as more is added to it. I think the bass should have less movement to it though. You may also want to edit the velocity on it so it hits the strongest on the downbeats (1) rather than any other beat (2, 3, 4).
May I ask what the chords are at 1:00? The chords work all but one and want to make sure I am mentioning the right one.


chords seem to alternate between I and vi ig.

If I’m correct it sounds like a I V/VI (V chord in minor) vii vi, it sounds like there’s a diminished quality in there somewhere.
If that were the case, the only chord he’d have to remove is the vii as the V/VI wants to lead to the vi chord.