Trieng to fix this line of code

Ok so I’m making a car spawner and every time I get this error, about this line of code image What would be wrong with it?

u are not providing enough information. Those are the questions that occures when I read this post:

  • What does the error say

  • What is the item.Part1.Parent? (we need more code and pic of explorer if possible)

now when we get that out of the way, the problem might be that you misspelled a function :GetPlayerFromCharacter() as you can see “g” should be capital.

I’m also using a tutorial from June 2020, since I don’t know much about car spawners xd

I see… Anyways there is a property of VehicleSeat named “Occupant” that will help you out.

local player = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(item.Parent.Occupant.Parent)

Tell me if that works

Ok it works but now I get another error If I show you can you help? xd

well show me the error and we will see how it goes