Trimming a part used to fill in a hole made by using SubtractAsync()

Basically what the title says, trying to trim a part used refill a hole that is made with SubtractAsync().

So far I’ve managed to do the “hole refilling” part by just cloning the object I made the hole with and using UnionAsync() to fill it in.

The issue is that I need to trim the part used to fill the hole so it just looks like a normal, flat part.
The ideal end result:

I’ve thought about maybe just cloning a copy of the original part with no holes and using SubtractAsync() on every side of the filled in part with the original part, trimming the excess part, but that seems laggy can’t be the best solution to this.

First post on here so hopefully it made sense.

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Nvm I found a way to get the result I wanted.

  1. Storing the base object used to create the Union in a table instead of deleting it.

  2. Storing the objects that cut into the base object and the resulting union in a table as well.

  3. Then when I want to remove one of the holes made I delete the corresponding object and redo the SubtractAsync() all of the other objects on the original part, I also delete the stored union and replace it with the new one.

The only issue so far is a slight flicker that sometimes occurs when using SubtractAsy

Hopefully that makes sense.

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