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Howdy! I’m TrippyV, and I’ve been developing on Roblox since about 2015 and I’ve been on the platform since 2007. My sort of niche in the developer forum is scripting, UI designing, and animating (of which animating is a bit intermediate but its ok i promise). I love working alongside people in teams, but I’m also my best working on independent projects. Throughout my time developing I’ve amassed (some) projects I’d love to share with you guys, which will be found in the very next section. :sunglasses:

My Projects and Other Games and Stuff

Open Me!

The Robine
So probably my most successful game project is Downtown-RP, of which I’ve scripted and designed some UI for The Robine:

On top of the their Downtown-RP game, I’ve helped script a majority of their group games so yeah thats kinda epic.


(ui was originally made by Borsy, I just made some tweaks regarding the scripting of it and some visual aspects)

The Crimson Front
Kind of one of my own startup groups that I’ve handed over to another fellow, I’ve developed the majority of the scripting found in the following group:

(probably the best example for this group would be Artkeno, found here [keep in mind it’s still in heavy development though]:


A Throne of Ice and Fire
Quite honestly I haven’t done much but a couple bug fixes in this game, but it’s still worth mentioning that I’m a developer for it:

Best example of work in this group can be found here:

No visuals for this bad boy :sunglasses:

Break Jail 2 (big meme)
This was absolutely the most fun I have ever had in developing a game. I worked on this beautiful monstrosity alongside @Spooks_HD , @Aedificate, and @lskid.

This game is highly experimental, but we all love it all the same as we developed it during the RDC game jam together (in normal cases i would be embarrassed to show this absolute masterpiece, but this is such a beautiful game full of wonderful programmer art):

Definitely no visuals for this, you have to see it yourself to get that immersive experience

Some other groups I’ve worked for:
Administrator_Mr’s SCPF:
JetReju’s SCPF:


My schedule is fairly open apart from school, so if you wish to contact me about scheduling, feel free to shoot me a message on my Discord, trippyv#5947


hey man as long as im getting paid at least something im good

In reality if you wish to pay me for my work we can work something out on Discord. I prefer PayPal but since DevEx is a thing Robux would also work.

Percents are a bit iffy as there’s no guarantee I’ll make the amount that I would want to make from a project, in which if you offered me a percent, I probably would ask for it on top of a slightly discounted flat rate.


If you didn’t catch my discord in the Availability section, here ya go: trippyv#5947


hi im trippyv, this my work

DevForum New Members Discord

I’m also the owner the New Members Discord for the DevForum which you should totally join. All devforum members are welcomed,


break jail 2 ; tropical island is coming out soon :eyes:


Trippy is cool - you should hire him. :slight_smile:


Bookmarked for later.

I may have a job for you in the future.