Tropićal | Interview Guide

Go in the following make sure you follow the guide to the dot.
If you are reading this guide and not an MR+ you can’t copy and paste your answers.

Shout Guide

Before Session Starts
:pencil2:」A interview is about to commence in 15 mins. Feel free to join the group if you haven’t already to apply.
Once Session Starts
:pencil2:」 The interview center has now been locked. If you missed it please come back another time.
After Session Ends
:pencil2:」The interview session has ended! If you missed it feel free to join the next interview session we will be having.
:pencil2:」Interviews have been cancelled. Don’t worry, there’s always another interview you can attend later.

Host/Co-Host Guide

Please go in order from these steps. Don’t skip ahead!

m Please take a seat and wait, interviews will begin in 15 minutes.
m Hello everyone! I am (username), I will be hosting today’s interview.

m Hello! I am your cohost, (username). I will be assisting with today’s interview.

Alrighty then, we will now begin interviews. But first our co-host will be going over some rules. Please make sure you don’t talk during these rules. Please save your questions till the end.

m (1) Make sure to use grammar. If you make three or more grammar mistakes you will be failed.
m (2) You should have at least three sentences in your responses.
m (3) If you do not pass, do not worry you can always try again.
m Interview will now begin. Please remain seated until an interviewer comes to get you.

Interview Guide

Please Choose 1 Customer to Interview ONLY.
Hello, I will be your interviewer for today. Please follow me to the interview room.
(Once you and the interviewee are both seated)

I will ask you a series of 7 questions. There is no time limit so feel free to take your time.

Are you ready to begin?

Let them answer all the questions before posting the next question and give them feedback.

Begin Questions Responses

(1) How did you find Tropical?
(2) Have you had any experience with Roblox cafes before?
(3) What are some ways you can benefit Tropical?
(4) What are your strengths?
(5) What are your weaknesses?
(6) What would you do if there was a troller or exploiter in the cafe?
(7) If you face a demotion, will you cause drama?

End Questions Responses

Congratulations, on getting this far. We would like to review your answers and then tell you if you passed or failed.

Passed Interviews Message

Congratulations you have passed! Please wait to be named. After you are named you will be brought to a waiting room. Please wait there until you have been ranked and your name as been recorded.

Failed Interviews Message

I am sorry to inform you that you have not passed. Do not worry though, you can always come back another time and try again.


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