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Tropivial Public Group

“Reimaginate The Taste.”

Welcome to Tropivial’'s Communications Server, user! Tropivial is an established upcoming Juice Bar company founded by viosylet since 2020. We also strive our best to make the best and refreshing Juices, Milkshakes. Plenty of delectable flavor combinations for you to choose from and friendly staff members to communicate with. Our establishment’s goal is to benefit our guests & customers with joy and excitement.

Affliates Information

Affliates Information
If you wish to form an affliate with Tropivial, we’d kindly ask you to meet the following guidelines or requirements that’ve listed below. We also like to remind you that we have a right to decline your application if you’d not meet the following requirements or guidelines. We are seeking for high-potential company to form an alliace with, which including activity of the company, professionalism, and reputations, too.

  • Current group must acquire 20 or higher members, does not have any botted members in it.
  • Must provide 2 ally representatives.
  • The current group must not be group that are not relatable to industries.
  • The group must be active, professional, and well-organized.
  • The group must not hzave any bad reputation within us.
  • The group must announce events that’ve hosted by Tropivial.

If your group has successfully meet the requirements that’ve listed above, we’d like to ask you to fill out the questions that’ve gave below. We also highly suggest you to create a Google Document and fill the questions & answers in, to ensure our staffs won’t get confused about it. If you’ve completed the questions, please send your Google Document to one of our Public Relations & Affairs Department members, they’ll help you out. Reminder, every application will take at least a day or less to get reviewed and make a final decision. If you’re concerned about the following information, contact our Public Realtions & Affairs Department, they’re gad to assist you anytime! Lastly, we wish you nothing but the very best of luck of forming an alliance with us!

  • What is your group called? Please also provide group links.
  • Descride your group.
  • Why would you like to form an alliance with Tropivial?
  • How will you benefit us as an affliate.
  • Provide usernames that’ll be representatives of your current group.
  • Why should we accept you as one of our alliances?
  • Do you understand that you are required to use grammar while filling out the questions?
  • Do you understand that if we encounter a trolling application from your current group, you might get blacklisted or receive a warning letter from us by depending how serious is the situation?

Again, we wish you nothing but the best of luck! Thank you for your understanding.

Customer Code of Conduct (CCoC)

Customer Code of Conduct
We created CCoC is to ensure that our community will not have any disturbances or preventing trollers, exploiters or raiders. Failure to do so might have a high rate of getting blacklisted from our group and will be meeting a major consequences by depinding how serious is the situation that you’ve caused.

- Inappropriate attires is strictly prohibited in our community. For example, attires that are relatable about trolling, inappropiate contents, etc. If we do encounter one, we’ll be asking you to change back to a normal outfit. If you refuse to do so, consequences will be given.

- Spamming, exploiting, raiding, and trolling is not allowed in this community. Fact, spam mentioning, text, commands, etc and for Management Division, using flying commands in-game is also not allowed. Suspension will be given by one of our staff team.

- Not behaving well as a customer in our community will be receiving a warning letter from our Staffing & Managing Department, by depending how you’re not behaving in our community.

- In Tropivial, promotions will be decided throughout your dedication, activeness, reputation, and motivation. Also, we’d also highly ask you not to hint in any ways, failure to do so will be given a less chance of promotion or may be discussed by our Department Division.

Rank Information

Rank Information

Tropivial Customer
- Member of the current community but they’re not able to work but instead of visiting the server and hanging around with others. Instead, they’re also able to apply as a worker at our Application Centre.

Noted Customer
- Noted Customers are only for individuals of formers, worthy or decided by the founders of the community.

- Trainee is the first and the lowest rank in LR. They are able to work behind the counter and learn the basics. Also, It is required to attend a training session to get promoted to Junior Juicer and utilise GPSs every time while in-game.

Junior Juicer
- You may get to learn more basics about the recipes and the ordering simulation. In order to get promoted, you need to attend a training session to get the next rank, which is Juicer.

Experienced Juicer
- We are expecting this rank to have more experiences about it to assist the others that are lower rank than you or less experienced on recipe or how to make it. You are required to attend a training session to achieve Head Juicer.

Head Juicer
- This is the last and the highest rank in LR rank. You should be the most experienced juicer and must assist every lower rank that requires help. In order to get promoted to Staff Assistant, you’ll have to follow the Promotion Guide to MR.

Staff Assistant
- StaffAssistant is the first MR rank and the lowest MR rank. It is their responsibility to take care of everyone in the server and prevent other people from disturbances. You may now assist in an interview session or a training session after you’ve spectated each session. Admin powers will be given. Failure to use the admin powers correctly will be receiving a removl of your position.

Supervising Team
- You are now able to host or co-host interview sessions & training sessions. You’re also required to help Assistants or lower rank than you. You are also required to answer questions that are frequently asked from our customers which is based on your basic knowledge.Admin powers will be given. Failure to use the admin powers correctly will be receiving a removl of your position.

Assistant Manager - General Manager
- You are permitted to manage situations that were happening in the server by contacting staff that were higher rank than you or the Leadership Team. Shifts, Interview & Training sessions can be hosted or co-host. Admin powers will be given. Failure to use the admin powers correctly will be receiving a removl of your position.

Corporate Assistant - Corporate Director
- These following ranks will be given a chance to pick which department that they’d wish to be in, also. It’s their own responsibilities to complete specific tasks that the Department Lead gave by depending on thier department, failure to do so will be receiving a warning letter or some major consequences. Admin powers will be given. Failure to use the admin powers correctly will be receiving a removl of your position

Chief Staffing Officer - Chief Public Relations & Affairs Officer
- These follwing ranks are the current department leads of this community. It’s their responsibilities to complete the tasks that the Leadership Team gave and give Assistant Department (Corporate Assistant - Corporate Director) specific tasks depending on their department. Admin powers will be given. Failure to use the admin powers correctly will be receiving a removl of your position

Chief Vice Presidential Officer - Chairperson
- One of the founders of this community. Their responsibilities is to oversees all departments and operations and maintain the community in a quality shape.

Promotion Guide

Promotion Guide
In order to become one of the Staff Assistant of this community, you must show dedicate, worthly, activeness, motivations towards our community or apply Staff Assistant Employment Form that’ve released recently. Who will have these oppurtunity to get promoted to Staff Assistant? Every Head Juicers will be having this oppurtunity to get promoted.

Again, you must show dedication, activeness, motivations, reputations, etc towards the community. Never have any bad reputations or background in our community, which includes exploit, trolling, behaviour, etc. If we do seek you do so, there might be a lower chance to get promoted to our staff team, preventing people harming the community after getting promoted.

Kindly remind that this Handbook might be considered as “Still Under Development” for updates. Thank you for taking time and reading towards this Public Handbook. If you’re concerned about the following descriptions, contact viosylet for more information. Again, thank you.

Tropivial Leadership Division.