Trouble alining part to LookVector of another part

Im having trouble with alining a part (a bullet hole image) to the LookVector of the part that was hit by it. It works fine for every angle i tested it for exept if the angle is 90*

The code currently looks like this

local BulletHole = workspace.Effects.BulletHole_Metal:Clone()
BulletHole.Parent = Hit
BulletHole.CFrame =,HitPos+Hit.CFrame.LookVector)

Any help is welcome!

If you are using Raycasts to simulate you bullet holes, I would recommend looking at the Detecting Hits section of the article, which says that a ray result will have a Normal property, which is the way that the surface you hit is facing. The lookVector of a part only tells you which way the whole object is facing.

I am using the FastCast module, how would i use the Normal of that instead if the LookVector?
Do i just replace the “Hit.CFrame.LookVector” with the normal?

I haven’t used FastCast myself but I found this post which may help you with getting the normals. And yes Hit.CFrame.LookVector would need to be replaced.

ik how to get them and it did work, thx

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