Trouble connecting rollercoaster ride segments

Thank you for taking the time to view this post. I am trying to make a rollercoaster which I understand is hard, but am struggling with one aspect and wanted to get insight from other members on here. The method I am using is from this video:

This video uses a combination of multiple plugins. Everything has been working so far, but I am planning on creating an indoor ride. Because of this, I have to work on the ride in segments which makes me click off the incomplete track. Upon clicking off the track become ineditable and makes me restart.

My question is if anyone had a solution/explanation as to why this was happening or rather a secondary method to rollercoaster creation that would better suit my needs.

Thank you for reading and any insight offered is greatly appreciated!

Please use the most appropriate Help and Feedback category if you require development help, not the Discussion category. The Discussion category should be kept for significant open-ended prompts related to development on the Roblox platform. As well, your title should summarily reflect the content of what your thread is going to be about.

I’ve recategorised this thread and changed the title to be more clear about what you need help on.