Trouble with Custom Animation Plugin and Updating Character Joints in Studio

I’m creating my own animation editor plugin (it works very differently than the default roblox editor.) I have every other part of the animator working, but there is this one part I can’t seem to figure out:

How do I move the rig?

I’ve tried creating a KeyframeSequence with the proper Keyframe and Pose objects → create animation with the correct temporary ID → load it onto the animator → then play the resulting track. I tried this since that’s how I thought the robox animation editor works. No success.

FYI, I know my sequence was correct since I was able to load it into the roblox animation editor and play it there.

I figured maybe it wasn’t possible to do this in the first place and they manually update the Motor6D. That’s what I tried next. I’m updating the transform of one of my rig’s Motor6D with no success. I see that the roblox editor does not modify C0 and C1, but only modifies Transform (seemingly anyway.) When I try to do it, no success.

tl;dr: How does the roblox animation editor work to move the rig’s joints in studio?

Optionally, if anyone knows how to get the source code of their animation editor, that would help me a lot.

Edit: I’ve found the source code and I see that they indeed to modify the Transform. Not sure if there is something I must do before to make it work though :confused:

For you future souls, I’ve figured out the solution:

It seems that there is a bug with Motor6D not updating. You simply have to set the Motor6D.CurrentAngle for it to update. I set it to math.random() and it works for me. If someone has more details on this, please feel free to add.