Trouble with ForceField

For some reason force field isn’t working for me. I create a part, add a special mesh in it, then add a texture, and the mesh becomes a little cube inside the original part.
Doesn’t matter which texture, part, or mesh type I use, they all have the same thing.

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

A giant cylinder becomes a small cube:

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Could you take screenshot of the part and its contents under it in studio? Just so I can have a better understanding and be able to help.

sure just a second

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here, a giant cylinder became this small cube

So from what I can see, you are trying to put a texture in as the id of a special mesh. There is a separate object you can insert into that brick called texture. Special mesh just allows you to create complex objects, usually imported from blender. Insert the texture object and put the id in that one instead.

Now the main part remains as a cylinder, but the texture isn’t being animated, it’s just plain white on the cylinder, and it doesn’t cover all of it

its an animated texture? You would also have to put a texture on each side of the part as it only covers one when you initially put it on.

No, when you put a texture on a special mesh inside a part with force field material, it automatically animates any texture you put on it, but using textures doesn’t do that

Assuming you want it to be cylindrical, you would have to enter a mesh id for a cylinder. You can find one in the toolbox and apply that mesh id to the one you want the force field. As shown in the screenshot is the meshId for a cylinder. The part itself is a cylinder and you will have to edit the scale to make the special mesh fit with the part, if needed. I hope this helps.


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So I’ve been playing around with force-fields today. I made meshes in blender and imported them to roblox and they did not animate. So I grabbed some old meshes I had and tried those and they did animate. I realized that my old ones had textures on them and had been UV wrapped.

Make sure to UV wrap your meshes so that it animates!