Trouble with importing a mesh

I’m trying to import my model to Roblox but it says this:
I only have 3 objects, so I don’t get what the problem is here.
Thanks to whoever helps!


Maybe you can make the Sakura Tree an obj. file?


I need it to be multiple meshes, because i use multiple materials.

And you’re positive it’s only 3 objects?

yeah, there is only 3 objects. I don’t know if it affects anything but i used a skin modifier, a subdivision surface modifier, and an emitter for the leaves.

Did you try re-uploading? Also did you import it to a MeshPart?

i used the asset manager to bulk import

What do you mean “bulk import”? Can you send an ss if where you imported it?

i used the asset manager to bulk import, that’s how you import multiple meshes in the correct scaling/position.
at least thats what ive always thought

Oh. I would try exporting those three objects separately as obj. and putting them in a MeshPart.


Someone helped me on discord, it just turns out I forgot to move the instances from the emitter into the “real world” lol. Thanks anyway for trying to help!

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