Troubles animatiing a rig

Hello developers, I come to you with a question.

Me and a friend try to animate a rig for a game, all of the other limbs and the head seem to be able to move. However when I try to move / rotate the torso, nothing happens.

The rig doesn’t have a humanoid, I’ve already tried that. The model is unanchored and held together via welds. The normal joints are still there. Any ideas on how to fix this?

apologies if this is in the wrong category i dont post much :expressionless:

make sure u select all the parts in the model and check if that is anchored. when ever one part is anchored and the rest isn’t it will still show that the whole model is unanchored.

The Humanoid root part needs to be anchored and motor6d’ed to the torso if that’s not working then idk

Doesn’t non humanoid rigs require animation controller?

I didn’t realize it was not humanoid idk