Troubles with layered clothing in studio

Hello! I’m Mash,

  1. I am currently trying to put layered clothing on just a regular dummy inside the studio.

  2. I have absolutely no clue how any of this layered clothing-related stuff works. (Like the caging, and skinning and whatever)

  3. I’ve read over all the articles relating to layered clothing. I still can’t figure out how to insert it into studio and put it on a character.

I should probably point out, that I am trying to get layered clothing from the avatar shop. As I can’t 3D model for the absolute life of myself.

Apologies if anything doesn’t make sense or is spelt wrong, it’s late (where I am).

(And if it’s not even possible to insert layered clothing from the avatar shop. I’m sorry, it didn’t state it) anywhere.