Truck keeps moving sideways (Constraints)

Can anyone please help me? I'm not really experienced with constraints so I can't really find out why it's happening.

Here is the model file:
Truck.rbxm (45.2 KB)

It can maybe be the collisions messing up the constraints but I would say I have experienced things like this and messing with collision and adding normals parts instead of meshes

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I don’t have any meshes, just normal parts. I also don’t really think it’s because of the collisions, either.

The blue lines represent NoCollisionConstraints, but the trailer can collide with the tractor. The connector parts also have CanCollide set to false.

By the way, these are the connector parts I’m talking about:


I feel like it might have something to do with the SpringConstraints. But then again, I don’t know why this is even happening in the first place.

It looks pretty cool that way, you may be able to make a game out of that moving truck. I would save that model before you try to fix it, who knows maybe that truck would come in handy later on. Anyway, in the matter of fixing the truck, are constraints affected by weight? A weight imbalance may be a part of the problem or is contributing to it.