Truckers Life 2022 [Game Information]

[Game Info]: To get started simply spawn in, head into the Truck Dealership, buy you a Truck/Trailer of your choice, For this Example we will be using the Flatbed Trailer, You then proceed out-back of the dealership to receive your vehicle’s, once in the truck back under the trailer connecting it, once connected you can go proceed to a loading spot in our example that would be D&D Farms outside of [Deler] Pull around to the [Big Red Barn] [IMPORTANT: Make sure you’re there before 23Hours In-Game time, If not the shipper will be closed, so will the receiver!] back your trailer into the [Barn] walk up to the interface inside Hold [F] once the interface opens, Then under the [Hay] Section you click [Load], Then you get loaded then proceed to the delivery location which is back in [Deler] at Ale’s Hay & Supplies up the road from where you [Started], Once at the delivery location simply walk inside open the [Garage Door Up], back your trailer in, Then walk up to the Interface Hold [F] and click [Complete Load] Once done you will be paid and your load will be removed so you can do it again!.

[P.S] there is multiple loads and trailers / trucks on this game I will update more with how-to’s.