True/False Expression

How can I make sure at-least one of theses values are true.
If all are false raise the error using my custom handler.

Like if BanExploiter and KickExploiter and SoftPunishExploiter are not true than raise a error

	if (Config.PunishmentSettings.BanExploiter or Config.PunishmentSettings.KickExploiter or Config.PunishmentSettings.SoftPunishExploiter) then
		NULLED_Logger:error('Config Failed', 'PunishmentSettings failed to load!')
		NULLED_Logger:info('Loaded','Nulled has failed to loaded!')

Kick the player if BanExploiter is true, or KickExploiter is true, or SoftPunishExploiter is true. Seems like that’s what your script is doing already.

? ? ?
Im trying to raise a error if none of the 3 flags are true.

using not expressions? like, if this and that and that arent true, error?

Something like this:

if not (ban or kick or softban) then
if not ban and not kick and not softban then

^^ essentially

if not this and not that and not this then blah end
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