Truss Studios Legal Services


Good day, thank you for taking interest in Truss Studios’ legal services. We offer:

  • ToS Compliance Checks
  • Background Checks
  • Financial Services (excluding investments)
  • Judicial Services (ex. lawsuits against other developers and/or groups)
  • Free trials

Services descriptions

ToS Compliance Checks

Our team of legal advisers will run your game idea/completed game, asset, group, and anything related to the Roblox platform (including the DevForum) through a thorough legal check. If not ToS compliant, we will return a list of ways to make it conform to the ToS.

Background Checks

Our team of legal advisers will do a thorough investigation of past jobs, current games, and account details of a user on the Roblox platform to see whether they break the ToS in any way, and we will return our findings to you.

Financial Services

Does not include investments! Our financial adviser will work with you on Robux management to make sure you are well within your budget.

Judicial Services

Our team of legal experts will fight for you against another willing developer in court.

Free trials

Free trials for our ToS Compliance Services and Background Checks are provided upon request. Eligible assets:

  • Decals
  • Models
  • Groups
  • Game ideas
  • Users


  • Background Checks - :robux_gold: 25
  • ToS Compliance Checks
    • Decals, Models, Game Ideas - :robux_gold: 10
    • Audios, Games, Groups - :robux_gold: 25
  • Financial Services - :robux_gold: 25/week
  • Judicial Services
    • Win - :robux_gold: 25
    • Lose - free


Communication will take place solely through the DevForum, as any and all messages can be swiftly reported to DevEngagementTeam through this method.


Thank you for considering Truss Studios Legal Services for all of your legal needs.