Trusting Users with Platform Feedback

I’ve tried to post in the Platform Feedback Category a few times, but it always converts into a message and is looked over by mods and admins. This makes me curious why we, the DevForum users, can’t be trusted with this category.

If we have something to say, I feel like we should get it out there. I don’t understand why admins would have to look over our posts. We have proved that we are serious about the Forum if our account is still holding. Besides, if someone misposts, then the post is taken down by a mod. I don’t see why it’s the other way around with the Platform Feedback Category.

I’m only a member, so I am not sure if the post automatically goes up when a regular or higher rank posts in it. If you’re a regular or higher, please tell me if you are able to post without moderation.

I just think it’s a bit weird why members, or possibly higher ranks, can’t be trusted to post in the category. If anything, I think the Resources category should be the same way. It’s hard to know what counts as a resource. I’ve been there.

Anyways, I’ve made some polls so you can share your thoughts with the rest of the forum.

  • Trust Members
  • Don’t Trust Members

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  • Trust Regualrs
  • Don’t Trust Regulars

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If possible, let me know why you chose the answer you picked in a post! :smiley:

Regulars have the most permission on the forums. Since they have a “higher” rank than members, you can rely on them. Some members of the forum use the forum for bad purposes. Also, many regulars are very trustworthy.

They can’t trust you (Members) with platform feedback because Roblox engineers go through it every day. Opening it up for Members who quite frankly are mostly inexperienced with posting will only slow down their workflow by having to sort through garbage posts.


Roblox staff look through the feedback category and therefore we’d want quality posts there.

This is why the process requires post approval for members. In order to get Regular in the first place, you have to successfully use the post approval system.

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I see what you’re saying. This is an alt and it’s less than a month old.

It is important that those categories contain high quality posts that don’t waste staff time and don’t distract from important issues.

The alternative is to make it really hard to get Member status but that is counter productive and unfair for categories where it isn’t such a big deal. The compromise was Post Approval which I’m sure will be replaced with another system whereby Members can still report issues after it’s been confirmed to be good quality.


Hi, not sure if this is the right category but I would like to know why my script is not working,

I wonder why this is a bad idea :thinking:

Members have proved time and time again that every time they get given a new category to post in they spam it will offtopic and crap-posting (not all members but a vast majority), until this point its been fine, because hey, it only annoys the people that actually regularly check the forum but if this change happened in a category frequently read and with notification on for the engineering teams then suddenly its a bit more serious.

Potentially if members can show that they can read category guidelines then this may be viable, but until this point you might as well give a toddler nuclear launch codes.


“Trust Regulars?”

Why wouldn’t forum staff trust us? After opening up Lounge and Discussion for everyone, the only purpose of being a Regular is avoiding PA in Platform Feedback. If you don’t trust us, just delete the trust level.

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I see your point. We should trust Regulars, but I made the poll just in case some people thought otherwise… Which they don’t. The thing is, I didn’t know that Regulars had that high of a trust level because I’m only a member.

To get regular you currently have to pass through post approval in #platform-feedback successfully and quickly several times, therefor anyone with regular has proven themselves capable of being trusted with these categories.


Thank god the lounge isn’t open yet.

About the OP, the problem is that a lot of members aren’t competent enough to post high-quality bug reports. Regulars are those who went through post approval several times with no struggle. They’ve proven to staff they’re trustworthy.
If you still wonder what would happen if the #platform-feedback would be open, look at #discussion. Previously there were a lot of high-quality discussions, which really made you think. Shitpost shockwave when PA was removed from there destroyed that feeling. People now post there about something that should go into #help-and-feedback:game-design-support (like should you make game of this genre, how complex the mechanics should be etc). #platform-feedback will be filled with scripting help, as I’m sure 85% of you once blamed your script mistake as an engine bug.


Personally, I saw several posts made by Members recently. Anyways, I agree with you.

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I, myself, am a member and I think that members should not even be able to post in discussion.

There is so much spam and so many bad categories. The community editors will be so busy looking through the meaningless spam and duplicate posts.

Discussion is an overused category in my opinion. There’s all these posts about why you shouldn’t make a game in a specific genre, but we should be able to make whatever we want. I 100% agree with you.

Just to be clear then,

You want members to have access to platform feedback, but you also don’t think members should be able to post in discussion?

If this is true then I would strongly advise you reconsider the recollections of crap-posting in discussion compared to this of crap posting in platform feedback.

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I edited the post to have it make more sense.

You answered your own question here with:

This is true, but many engineers have notifications on for these categories and will be notified long before the post is flagged down.

Accidentally pressed dont trust for regulars.
For the record I do trust them.