Truth about CineBlox

Hello there readers,

This post will be explaining how CineBlox has affected many people in their lives and has stressed everyone out. In this post, you will be seeing the truth about Roblox’s biggest Cinema Game. I don’t mean to send hate to the owner(Loui) of this group but I want people to know how it affected us and what he has done to us. So please do not send hate, that is not my attention. I wish that everyone here does some research on the people you are working for and makes sure they won’t turn your back against you and I hope people learn from my mistake.

This will be in a form of a documentary text; as I think it will be the best option for us. And I encourage you to read this all. This will be mainly in my point of view, will all of this being said let us get into the truth.

This all starts sometime back sometime around 3 years ago. I am not sure of the date as I wasn’t a developer immediately. Anyways after a week or so of being in the group, they were looking for developers. I decided I was going to fill out the Google Form, sadly I didn’t make it. I just wasn’t experienced enough. So I practiced and I really wanted the job. A while later I re-applied and I made it.

Now I was ranked Trial Dev; This is where you build in your own place/file and give them the assets and they used it in their game. After the owner (Loui) noticed that I would be a big help he decided to hire me. Now let me say I worked my head off. I was so active and helped everyone when they needed it. Even one time I went camping as a family and I still worked from my data. I got charged from my plan because I went over my 4G’s at the time. I thought I was being nice by doing this…

A month pasts and I get promoted to developer, and in my mind, I was like “Okay, I made it. You don’t need to be on 24/7” So I took some breaks here and there. And I was doing amazing with developing. I worked on many events for the movies in the game. I worked on so many fun updates and worked on making a special event for our #1 fan. At this point, I didn’t want to be promoted because I was happy where I was.

NOTE: At this time Telexius was the Head Developer.

Telexius decided to resign because they were going to college. And they didn’t have time to develop for CineBlox anymore. So Loui decided to tell me the news and wanted to promote me to Head dev. Here is the chat for that:

We then went into a voice chat and then talked about my responsibilities. There wasn’t anything crazy. It just said that don’t steal anything, don’t touch anything that isn’t yours, and make sure all the devs sign their contract. Now, everything goes south from here…

Loui and I got into many arguments from the start after that. We argued about smaller things like forgetting to tell the devs to sign contracts and just smaller things like that. And we got over the arguments. But they always bugged me. Then I got fired due to drama.

After a while or so I re-join after I get an invitation from one of the Head Devs that replaced me. Now at this point, I was kinda happy I was back on the team but still angry at Loui. After a while or so I got demoted once again for “Abusing Dex and ruining the game” Now all I did is lock some of my fellow colleagues into First Person. Now I did this not forever just for a few seconds. And I swear on my life I didn’t touch anything else. All I did was lock people in the first person. And I still got demoted.

After a long time, I wanted retaliation. I went into one of their live events and tried to expose Loui (owner) in-game and just kinda standing by Loui the whole time staring at him… And then I got perm banned.

Now just today (Fri Jan 7, 2022) Loui decided to fire all of the Developers and Head Developers for all of their “Unique” reasons.

Fired a Head Developer cause “he isn’t needed anymore”
Fired a Developer for “lacking level of experience”
2 Developers were fired for inactivity

And they are all pretty much mad at Loui for firing all of them.

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