Try the map, I accept criticism

Hi, I created a map, I need your opinion on the map, I accept any kind of criticism. this is the map

(If you liked the map my discord is = Nicolas DEV # 4794)


The whole map is unanchored, or there is some issue, making all the parts slide around…


Hello there,
the map kinda ruin because of the terrain.
the terrain you are using is not anchor and must re update the game.
and if the game re update. we wanna test one more time if you anchor or not
second, the GUI in game is pretty good but we must take positif about the game itself so… fix this now!
that all for now and i will see you on the next reply…

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Do not enter the game, I forgot something, tomorrow I will solve it

I forgot LOL…

I already fixed the problem, and you can enter

By the spawn point, there are several parts that seem to be clipping into each other. Also, is the building purposely made to be inaccessible? There is no clear way to enter, and the surrounding terrain is too high to jump over.


I’m going to fix all that today,

Hello there,

thanks for the Re update the game and also i wanna share with you on your game.
and here some good thing and also bad thing so sit back and Relax and let dive in by looking on a Picture

Good thing about the game

A1. The landscape on your game are pretty good to be honest… but also you can decorate more thing on this landscape like flower, Log (Dead Tree), and also anything else that look perfect using this landscape.



A2. The Building you have make really good but i wanna ask you something… what inside of the building anyway?



A3. the crystal cave are really looking cool. you also can put more light for more better vision.



now it the time for bad thing about the game…

Bad thing about the game

B1. um… why i m floating on a water?
can you negate the part of the water so that player can go in and out on the water,ok?


B1 (1).


B2. Hmm… am i think inside of the box or outside of the box?
there was no lstair for the player to go up on the building… so can you put one more layer of stair for the player?



the game itself is pretty cool but there some of it cannot been explain so that all for now and i will see you on the next reply…



Hi there. The map is okay but definitely not the best thing in the world. I do like it though!


fix everything, to go up to the house you must do parkour. I also added palm trees

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can now be fully tested…

there was a code failure, I fixed it

Alright since it’s still in progress I would say with enough effort this map definitely has potential. There is a couple of things you could possibly improve.

As for the map the first thing I would like to say it’s really random. There are a few copied and pasted trees throughout the entire map and there seems to be a few unanchored parts and objects floating off the ground the large map looks fairly empty I would consider throwing some more vegetation or possibly add some buildings or shops around the area. I would recommend you put more planning into the map to make it look like more natural. It looks like it was rushed in my opinion, which is alright, but the map looks unfinished.

The spawn area seems interesting. Perhaps instead of spawning us down by the beach area where we have to climb to get to the higher part of the mountain you could have multiple spawn points in the map just to make it a little more natural or I would try moving the spawn point to the top of the mountain and then add a few more things around the beach area and the water itself it could use some improvements.

Moreover, the map is a little bland. Perhaps adding things inside the building and have other variety of shapes. It’s a good start, but needs lots of refining.

The map has a random dummy and Theres Z-Fighting. Thats the only issues i see…

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