Trying out a new build style

I now have 2 days of building experience, this is what I made:
(This is my 3rd build)


This is what I got my color palette from:

Brick Picture

I would like feedback and suggestions on things I can add and/or fix, I want professional opinions.


Good try for a low poly feel, but I got thrown off when I looked at the reference picture you used. For someone two days into building, it’s not bad, it’s just very simple to do, but requires an unnecessary amount of parts for a low poly building. I would have just used a PBR texture to get the job done faster, or crop that image and use it as a decal for the build. What I’m confused about is if you wanted the outcome of your bricks to resemble the reference picture because the colors of the bricks don’t vary that much and are poorly detailed. People usually put a reference when they’re trying to make it resemble at least a little bit, but all I see is a basic brick pattern. Your building I’m guessing is also unfinished because of the grey door and roof, at least color the whole build throughout because this isn’t pleasing to look at unfinished. Sorry if I come off as harsh, it’s just very basic.

Thank you for the reply, the reason why I didn’t use a PBR texture is that I’m still a beginner and have no idea how to use one and apply it to my build. For the reference, I wasn’t really trying to resemble the picture, but I just borrowed the color palette, so I don’t really know why I called it a “reference” when I should’ve labeled it as “palette”. Thank you for this feedback, I will consider some changes and will post updated pictures on this thread.

No problem and thanks for the clarification. Also, it’s never too early to learn how to use PBR’s or heightmaps, I believe they’re very essential to play around with early on as it’ll definitely lighten your work as a builder (though it depends if you will continue to stay a low poly builder or attempt some high poly builds, too). Good luck and hopefully you make some progress soon!