Trying out UI Design | Would like feedback on my first attempts

Thought I’d try out ui design
Below are my first creations, I’d love some feedback! :grin:



For some reason, they just hit me as stiff in some areas. I’m sure it’d probably be better with tween anims, but even then, it almost seems like it’s low quality. Maybe that’s just the font though.

I’m pretty terrible with UI’s myself so perhaps I’m not one to judge. Have you ever considered trying images in a fashion like this?

In regards to the low quality it’s because I exported at a low quality so that might be the reason to it’s stiffness etc.

Also no I haven’t tried a UI in the design before, however I do like the look of it so I might give something like that a go, thanks :grin:

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Yeah np. I would also recommend looking into UI Gradients. I think maybe that’s what it’s missing. Some UI’s look better without it, but maybe try it here.

For first attempts they are good, but I do have a few issues with them.

Firstly, did you use Roblox or software such as Figma for these? It looks like you made the corners yourself; there’s a more efficient way.

Personally, I would push this X into the corner or even make it so it’s off of the edge so it stands out.

(Excuse my poor attempt, I made this quickly).

I like the reset icon, but I would personally go for something more simple for the “Shop” icon. Some may not understand what that is, try a shopping cart or similar. I also agree with the previous comment, I would try working with gradients!