Trying to add controller compatibility for my game

Hey, so for some reason, it isn’t hovering over the close button on the UI screen if I try to go to that button.

It highlights the button in the center of the screen, but if I try to get it to hover over the close button, it never does. It’s only happening for the one I think.

Could it be too far away? Any way I could bypass this if that’s the case? Thanks :slight_smile:


It almost seems buggy. I’m spamming buttons on my controller (not really sure about which binds do what) and sometimes it selects, other times it struggles…

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I feel like you accidentally left out a big chunk of information. Screenshots perhaps?

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I was testing out my game interface using a controller, and I know ROBLOX has built-in behavior with GUI elements to respond to controller movement and such.

However, upon testing this out for myself, it was struggling to select the close button for some reason.

If I spammed buttons on the controller, eventually it would work, but it wasn’t consistent; it wouldn’t let me press the close button.

A method that i have seen a lot of devs use is manually mapping gui buttons to controller buttons.
You can use GuiObject.InputEnded to detect when a controller button has been lifted.

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