Trying to be a composer

Ello! This is my first topic, so it might not have all the information, but I’ll try my best to explain this.

So I have wanted to do composing for ROBLOX games for quite awhile now, Which program should I use? I prefer to use free programs, but I can easily pay for one
I’d also really appreciate some advice for composing.
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, and I am very grateful to you if you reply. :slight_smile:

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Try searching using the search bar. You’ll find lots of good advice there!

What would I put in the search bar? I’m very indecisive and can hardly ever decide what to search for.

Just search for “how to compose” and stuff like that. There’s tutorials you can follow step by step. Btw, soundtrap is a good website to make music on. It gives you pre-recorded loops that you can put together. I use it and I learned it in 10 minutes, literally.

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I suggest FL studio. Its a very good program but it costs a bit of money.

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As SecurityOfficer6 said, FL Studio is a good program. If you use the trial version you can export songs but not save them, meaning you can make a song and upload it but it has to be in one sitting. I use Ableton, which I believe is still doing their 90 day trial version. You basically have the full features of the top version of Ableton but can only use it for 90 days, so I recommend that to start out with. You might also find some resources to learn about whichever DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you decide to use. There are many others than Ableton and FL Studio but I personally haven’t used them.

Biggest thing to learn about composing (if you really plan to make your own stuff and not just throw pre-made loops together) is Music Theory. You can google it and find a ton of great stuff on it. There are also many good videos on it on YouTube that explain the basics very well.

Some of the stuff may become overwhelming but just take it one step at a time and don’t think you have to know everything there is to know about Music Theory to compose something good! Music Theory is there to make the process easier and provide understanding to why stuff works or sounds good! If you have an idea in your head, then try to make it! That can often be the best way to learn.

@cwd30 I had no idea that the forum allowed tutorials .O.

@SecurityOfficer6 I saw the website, very expensive- I think I’ll buy more expensive programs when I have more experience, c:

@The_Platapus Yep, It does look like a great program! I’ll check out Ableton, as a 90 day trial gives me heaps of time to learn! I have never heard of DAW but I shall certainly look into it, I’ll check Music Theory on youtube! Thanks for the help, c:

EDIT: Which would be the best program in your opinions? All of those programs seem good.