Trying to get a script to always stay online

Well I have made the script but I was just wondering if someone could explain on how to make it always be online even if the server is off.


The only way is to have an off-site script. You can communicate to it trough httpservice, but please give more info next time.

Well basically I made a discord ban bot and I am trying to make it always send requests to the server even if there is nobody in the server.

What do you mean by “discord ban bot”? Please elaborate…

So basically you can ban someone from discord by doing a command and that is what I made I also connected it to the game, in other words the discord ban bot is just a moderation bot that’s connected to roblox.

You would then most likely want your banlist stored externally

Have you thought of using an external database?

Yeah. There are a couple of tutorials of external databases on the devforum

I did do that in the past but I will look into implementing it into this bot.

Well if you use an external database, you can send an http request to the database every time a user joins the game(while using discord to manage the database).

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I thought discord disabled every Data connection to roblox. Noz sure about that tho

You cannot send http requests to Roblox game servers externally or listen to external http requests on a Roblox game server script, only the other way round.

That might be a bad idea with ratelimits in mind should a substantial number of players join the game in a short amount of time.

It would be safer/better to send the http request every X number of seconds (and on server startup) and update an in-server list cache each time.

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That’s correct, it may have a small delay but it’s much more reliable for larger playerbases.

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I believe they only blocked webhooks not every data connection.