Trying to get Indoor ENV mapping outdoors,

This is kind of a discussion as well as art and design, If I find a way to successfully get them outdoors I hope staff don’t fix it.

I’ve been almost successful but as you can see there is a shadow,
I achieved this by using a cube mesh (Size : 100x100x100) with the forcefield material and a transparency of -inf

Why do I want to achieve this?
I’m aware env maps are far from accurate however I feel like they would greatly improve an open world racing game like the one I’m developing, especially on things like custom water, vehicles, wet roads, metal structures and certain materials throughout the game.

Issues I’ve encountered :
The shadow is a big issue with the method I found, -inf forcefields are invisible but they create a noticeable shadow. I’m not even sure if getting env maps outdoors is possible because when I disable shadows the reflections disappear and are replaced with the skybox.