Trying to make a seamless teleporter, I know what's wrong but I need help fixing it

I’m trying to make a seamless teleporter, but the player always teleports to the center of the destination instead of the same distance away from the destination as they were from the teleporter when they touched it. The problem is, printing the destination’s position returns the same Vector3 as printing the equation I’m using to make the teleporter seamless, and therefore the player always telepoerts to the center of the destination instead of where I want them to go. I don’t know why that is, any help would be appreciated.

print(destination.Position) --I return the same value as the line below me
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You should use PivotTo() to teleport the entire character’s model.


I don’t think you understand the problem. I have no trouble teleporting the character, the problem is that the 2nd line of code outputs the same Vector3 as the 3rd, which it shouldn’t.

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