Trying to play a tween of a smaller part then playing a bigger tween with the aforementioned part

Essentially, I’m trying to make a sort of vault door with a spinning handle. I’m currently trying to find an effective way of doing that. This is the script I’ve come up with so far:

	script.Parent.Part2.WeldConstraint.Enabled = true
	script.Parent.Part2.Anchored = false
That causes this


As you can probably tell, not my intention. Any help’s appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there!

Could you send your tweens as well? I’d like to take a look.


local ti =

local t1 = ts:Create(script.Parent.Part2, ti, {CFrame = script.Parent.Part2.CFrame *, 0, 0)})
local t2 = ts:Create(script.Parent.Part1, ti, {CFrame = script.Parent.Part1.CFrame *, 0, 0)})

Okay, is there a specific reason why you’re un-anchoring your Part2?

script.Parent.Part2.Anchored = false

Yeah, I welded Part2 to Part1, so once it’s unanchored it would move with it.


I think your issue is with you tweening Part2 while Part1 is anchored.

I did some more research. It seems that Part2 returns to its original position before Part1 starts tweening. I unanchored Part1 to no avail.

(Nevermind what I said before)

So, your parts are still welded, and both are unanchored, correct?

I found a solution! Thanks for your help though, I appreciate it.

Oh, well done! Sorry I wasn’t much of a help.