Trying to replicate a warm feeling within a game

Hello viewer!

I have been working on this game on and off for the last few months to practice and keep my modeling and lighting abilities in check and I think I am getting close to something.

In terms of gameplay, there isn’t really much to offer other than wandering and sightseeing, though I have big plans for the endgame.

In terms of theme, I feel I nailed the aesthetic I wanted it to have. Any feedback on what should be changed/added in terms of terrain/lighting/foliage would be greatly appreciated!

This is the game:


Set it to public.

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Oh! Apologies! Forgot to set it!

Alright, got it set to public!

I liked the game, the buildings where nice and the terrain, Good Job!

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback!

I’ll continue to work on it as I get the chance!

Add a sunset sky to make it more cozy

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Oooh, good idea!
I have it set as 17:00:00, though it does have a day/night cycle!