Trying to scale the text and use the RichText property

Well, hello everybody. I 'm making a template for my project I am working on, and I’d really like to use the RichText property in TextLabels. The problem about that is, when RichText is set to true, the text is no longer scaled and becomes the TextSize value. But that is an issue since I want it to look like this (the bold text)

and not like this

I searched for a way to scale the text based on the TextBounds but that didnt help because as soon as RichText is set to false the text becomes something like ‘< b >BOLD< /b > TEXT’ and the text bounds increase and mess up the results.

The solution I am looking for:
I need a way to scale the text while using the RichText property or the math for the text Scaled property so that I can have a script automate it.
If you know something that might help me please let me know
Thank you in advance!


I do not think it is possible at all to use rich text and auto scale at the same time. Text wrap will be auto turned on in the case of enabling auto scale I think.

local refFrame = script.Parent.Parent.Frame
	script.Parent.TextSize = 1.1*refFrame.AbsoluteSize.Y;

This works!


As of now, text scaled support has been officially added! As shown in the screenshot below!


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