Trying to solve floating head on scaling R6 players non-linearly

I did try to look this up but this seems to be one of those topics that neither seems to be solved or talked about.

My goal for scripting is to make the R6 body bigger but keep the head the same size as its default size.

I discovered a script inside a morph that almost achieves my goal, the only issue is that it basically makes you larger evenly in all directions, basically scaled up versions of the default.

I want to try to make thin and tall, or stocky and short characters, and I modified the script to try and achieve a character size of (1,1.5,1)

My picture of my progress: Picture of A, B and C. EDIT: It’s a Gyazo link.

A is the default. B is what I’m trying to go for. C is what happens after I modified the script to achieve the closest result to the goal.

This is the script: Pastebin, Firefox copy/paste broken, had to use Opera and manually add it here instead of lines of code.

I’m rookie-ish with coding, so I apologize for any possible lack of explanation or documentation.

I can provide the morph that I found to have the unmodified version of this script (Kudos to hunxrepair for making the thing)

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