{TSK} Admin Rules



Rules and Regulations:

  1. Admins may no participate in the political RP of {TSK} Meaning, they cannot be involved in houses, or the struggle for the Iron Throne, Other things will be provided for admins.

  2. Commands are to be used as little as possible, as this is an RP game constantly using admin commands will break the immersion, if admins are seen over using their admin commands it can result in removal of position, Admins shouldn’t be casually flying around, or Goding themselves, this goes for most commands of that sort.

  3. To be an admin in {TSK} You cannot participate in another GoT Genres activity, this limits the risk of making someone an admin immensely due to the amount of competition there is currently in the Game of Thrones Section of ROBLOX

  4. Bans should only be given to exploiters unless specially approved by myself Innovativemind, if bans are given unjustly to YOU be sure to send me a private message to fix the issue.

  5. First resort should not be to jail, Verbal warnings, and trying to diffuse the situation is the first resort if this fails, jails can be given, then if it continues further punishment may follow.

  6. If anyone in the rank of Lord Paramount and above abuses their ability to promote and demote people in {TSK} it can, and most likely will result in exiling from the group or removal of position.

  7. Admins are not to promise prizes at tournament without first checking in with myself innovativemind, if they fail to do so they will end up punished for this, Only exceptions are small tournament prizes 1-200 robux.

  8. Repeat offenders may be treated as such, as a persons word is only as good as the actions that come before it, if you are well known for constantly causing trouble the warn phase may be skipped.

  9. Any formal complaints on admins should be brought to me WITH PROOF Video, pictures, something of that sort, as even the admins have to provide video if they want someone banned, or removed from a role due to the actions they’ve taken.

  10. Admins and myself are the final say in all cases, as this position is the one meant to uphold peace in the game.

This content is approved by InnovativeMind.

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