{TSK} Development Update Logs



Development Update Logs

Update Logs - 1.106

December 6, 2017

Death Animations Are Back!

  • The needed Bob ewf sound has now returned!
  • Death Animations no longer glitch.
  • Kill logs now only record one kill rather than multiple.

Update Logs - 1.105

December 4, 2017

Arrest Tool Fixed

  • Eligible players are now able to arrest properly.

Update Logs - 1.104

November 22, 2017

King’s Landing Fixed

Side Effects: The previous update log is no longer active due to roblox being weird about httpservice and making stuff delay. If you were arrested by a noob, you will need to ask an admin with cuffs to unarrest you. You will also need to be in game and contact me to remove your arrest from your history.

Update Logs - 1.104

November 21, 2017

Exploit Patch

  • Handcuffs can no longer be used by non-eligible users
  • Arrest Logs removed if they aren’t by eligible users

Update Logs - 1.104

November 20, 2017

Arrest Features Added

  • Unarrest feature added to handcuffs

Just touch a prisoner and he gets automatically unarrested after a second. Cooldown time is set to 5 seconds to avoid glitches

Update Logs - 1.103

November 15, 2017

Attempted Arrest Fix

  • Small typo that broke some of the arrest features like the jail system itself. Should be repaired.
    tested, seems to be working

Update Logs - 1.103

November 13, 2017

Fists Repaired

  • Fists no longer more OP than daggers
  • Fists no longer damage FF’d players

Arrest Bugs Squashed

  • Arrests would no longer work on instances where the player changes their name.
  • Arrests now show timer and reason

Update Logs - 1.102

November 12, 2017

Small script bug fixes

  • Damage script was broken due to a typo
  • Some players were not being recognized upon respawn, thus some tools were not being given out
  • Resources was spamming the console with errors.
  • Duplicate Leaderstats Script. Disabled one.
  • Attempted fix on ArrestGui. Haven’t been tested.
  • Certain GUIs no longer reset on spawn.

Music Control Option

  • You can mute or unmute the server music.
  • This doesn’t apply for the King/Queen Entrance Music
  • Visible once Roblox approves of an image, but it’s there.


  • Name bug fix