{TSK} Lord Paramouncy Referendum

Lord Paramouncy Referendum
On this day, the 21st of August, 2017:

On the order of Myrcella Baratheon, Queen of the Andals and Rhoynar and First Men, Protector of the Realm, and Lady of the Seven Kingdoms:

It was voted by the Small Council that the Crown hereby solidify its agreements with all Lord Paramounts (whom have signed this referendum). The Crown will back any Lord Paramount in defense of their region under the pretence of this referendum. Similarly, Paramounts will support the Crown in any campaign, expedition, campaign, or defense, both militarily and politically. Furthermore, all paramounts are allies of the Crown. Therefore, if a paramount decides to plant his or her puppets into another paramount’s region (for the purpose of paramouncy), he or she (who is guilty of this act) will be considered an enemy of the Crown. His or her assets will become illegal assets. His or her existence of paramouncy will become illegal. This agreement becomes void (for the Crown and the Crown only) towards DISLOYAL, UNWORTHY, and DISTRUSTED Lord Paramounts. If the Crown decides that a paramount is disloyal, unworthy, or distrusted, he or she shall not be bound by this agreement. The Crown may then take action against this house in whatever fashion it pleases.
~Made by Lewyn the Clever


Queen Myrcella Baratheon
King of the Seven Kingdoms

Lord Roose Bolton
Lord Paramount of The North

Lord Jaime Lannister
Lord Paramount of The Westerlands

Lord Rhaegar Targaryen
Lord Paramount of The Reach

Lord Humfrey Teague
Lord Paramount of The Riverlands

Lord Robert Baratheon
Lord Paramount of The Stormlands

Lord Redfort
Lord Paramount of The Vale

Lord Beric Dayne
Lord Paramount of Dorne

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