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About Me
If you’d like me to work for you, I am not fully available until 6/27 because of vacation!

Yo, I am Tso. I am a ROBLOX developer that specializes in building. I have been on the platform for almost 10 years and have been building for around 3 of those years.

You can visit my Building Showcase below, It includes my Graveyard map and some smaller projects that I have worked on before.

Building Showcase

Building Showcase - Roblox

Examples of Larger Build:

Graveyard Map

Modern House

Examples of Smaller Build:
(This was made for a building competition in 30 minutes)

Steampunk Arm

I am usually available for around 5 hours a day on the weekends, but during the weekdays I am a lot busier as it as summer and have much to do.

Payments can only be made with either Giftcards, USD or :robux_gold:

Contact me and we’ll figure it out. Prices are always negatable, But for the smaller projects I’d prefer around 100-2k :robux_gold:, and for the Larger projects I’d like more than 2k :robux_gold:.

It is much preferred if you contact me on the DevForum, But if necessary you can contact me on twitter via: https://twitter.com/TheInterlis##!


Hello! I would love to have your work in my upcoming event! So, for more info, contact me on the devforum, or on discord at bobertlikesgouda#8585.