Turn Backpack into a PlayerScript rather than CoreScript

As a developer, it’s currently impossible to change the backpack’s appearance/tweak its functionality without completely rewriting the backpack.

This is why I’m proposing that we make the backpack a PlayerScript rather than a core script.

Here are some examples of things I would want to adjust on the default backpack:

  • Moving the hotbar so that it doesn’t overlap our own interfaces.


  • Custom inventory system which uses the backpack’s topbar button. (Players might be used to clicking/tapping the backpack button, especially people who play on phones as their hotbars are limited to three tools at a time)

If Roblox were able to address this issue, it would be easier to keep the default backpack into my games without completely rewriting it and running it alongside the (disabled) existing one, and it would allow me more customization over the backpack.