Tween in a curve

Hello. I want to tween a plane (let’s just use a part for now) flying really fast, but not really in a straight line, but sort of in a curve, like this:

Any ideas on how to achieve this? Keep in mind that the part has to behave like a plane in that faces the direction it’s going

this requires math, it shouldn’t be to complicated.

local startpos =,10,0)
local endpos=,10,0)

local distance = (startpos - endpos).Magnitude
local currentPos =,10,0) -- halfway

local DistanceY = 5 -- amount of studs the plane's gets to reach.

local half = distance/2
local Yposition = math.abs(currentPos.X/half) * DistanceY
local Position =,0,0)

(there might be errors, I made it quickly)

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What is “Xposition” on the last line supposed to be?

Also, you never really explained to me what I’m supposed to do with these exactly.

i didn’t calculated Xposition but you don’t really need it you can use a body velocity or whatsoever

Please elaborate. I’m having a hard time understanding

If you need something to travel in a physics like manner then you should use a physics related instance, like the BodyMover instances.

These have been superseded by VectorForce instances if you wish to use those instead.

have you tried bezier curves? there’s api for it

I am aware. I don’t really know how I’m going to use one or where to even start.

I have learned that Roblox tween don’t really support such thing so thats out of the question.

you can still use tweenservice:getvalue() to tween in a bezier curve

it would look something like this:

t - the progression in the bezier (0 start, 1 finish)
p0 - the start position
p1 - the mid position
p2 - the end position

local function Bezier(t, p0, p1, p2)
	return (1 - t) ^ 2 * p0 + 2 * (1 - t) * t * p1 + t ^ 2 * p2

for Time = 0, 1, 0.005 do
	Part.Position = Bezier(Time, StartVector3, TheMidPointVector, EndVector3)

or you can also use :SetPrimaryPartCFrame() if you’re trying to set a model’s position as long as you convert the bezier result to a cframe

and in order to be able to create a bezier tween you’ll use tweenservice:getvalue()

local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")

local function Bezier(t, p0, p1, p2)
	return (1 - t) ^ 2 * p0 + 2 * (1 - t) * t * p1 + t ^ 2 * p2

for Time = 0, 1, 0.005 do
	Part.Position = Bezier(TweenService:GetValue(Time, Enum.EasingStyle.Sine, Enum.EasingDirection.InOut), StartVector3, TheMidPointVector, EndVector3)

i didn’t test this so it might be too slow, or fast plus you’re able to change the easingstyle or direction if you want the movement to be any different


start, mid, and end could also be startpart.Position, midpart.Position, and endpart.Position