Tweening model temporarily detaches HingeConstraint

I have a submarine that I move around my game by tweening it’s CFrame. There is a propeller on the back that spins using a HingeConstraint. This works good half the time but occasionally the propeller detaches and stops spinning. It may stay there for anywhere from a couple seconds to several minutes before flying back into place and spinning again. I searched for a similar issue but could not find anyone else having the same problem.

Here are some screenshots of this happening:

Did you try using a weld constraint? I don’t know if it works, but, from my experience, the weld constraint that causes a part to be permanently attached to where you put that part(and which part you anchor it to) set anchored to false for that specific part. I don’t know if that disables the rotation because I’ve never tested it out yet.

It keeps the propeller attached but prevents it from spinning

It seems to work fine for me(I set ca collide to false for everything that the rotating object will touch:

it looks like your submarine is a mesh, set the mesh can collide to false and put a seat in the front(where you want the player to be when moving the submarine.
Note: I used a script to rotate it rather than using a constraint.

What method are you using to spin it? Right now I’m using a HingeConstraint with ActuatorType set to Motor.

I used a script to rotate it, sorry if that’s not what you’re looking for.

Rotate it how though? Changing the orientation?

Yep, I used vector3 to change orientation, and try to use lookvectors to change the direction of the spinning. I personally am not very great at using lookvectors, so I can’t give an example. I am noing to try to replicate what you did right now to see if it’s like that or it’s just a bug.

Sorry, this took so long, my parents wanted me to help them, and that took a long time. Here, I did it.

ok. I got the same issue, so I added glue to the spinning part(not the motor part) and that works.

I think the problem is is that you are moving the submarine in big increments (1 stud), you should lower that.

I can’t slow the submarine down because of the function it servers in my game, but I will try using Orientation

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Orientation works ok when the submarine is going straight but turning doesn’t look very good. Though it stays on, it doesn’t look very smooth so I think I’ll just stick with the HingeConstraint for now and try to figure something else out.

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I was experimenting with different attachments strategies, I’m still experimenting. It’s fun too.