Tweening Position is extremely glitchy?

I’m tweening a part and its phasing through the table and being very glitchy, as the video shows:

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Here’s my code for this. I’m using a placeholder part for now by instancing.

	for i, v in grid do -- per row
		for k, x in grid[i] do -- per column
			if grid[i][k] == 1 then
				local piece = board:FindFirstChild(tostring(i) .. tostring(k))
				if piece then
					local token ="Part")
					token.Parent = board
					token.Size =,0.5,0.5)
					token.Name = "token"
					token.CanCollide = false
					token.CanTouch = false
					token.CanQuery = false
					token.Anchored = false
					token.Position =, originpoint.Value.Y + spacedistance.Value, originpoint.Value.Z)
					local twinfo =, Enum.EasingStyle.Quint, Enum.EasingDirection.InOut)
					local goal = {CFrame = piece.CFrame}
					local tokentween = ts:Create(token, twinfo, goal)
					token.Position = piece.Position
					token.Anchored = true

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I’ve noticed that extra “tokens” have been created, which is quite strange. This might be why it looks glitchy…

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Did some more testing, and it appears that there are 3 tokens on row 6, column 1, 2 tokens on row 6, column 2, and 1 token on row 6, column 3.
There is only meant to be 1 in each of these places.
I doubt that this is the reason this is happening…
Also, half the time the part doesn’t even spawn in :confused:

OK, the reason why the tokens were appearing multiple times is because the bindable event I was using was fired 3 times, 1 for each update, which is why they were distributed in the way they were. To fix this, I fired the event at the end of the full update.
I fixed the part not instancing in too.
This still doesn’t fix the glitchiness.
Changing the twinfo settings doesn’t do anything either…

When Tweening the CFrame of a Part, it’s recommended to Anchor the Part first to stop physics being applied (which is causing the glitching).

token.Anchored = true
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What a simple solution!
Thanks a lot, it was much easier than I initally thought. I was under the impression that anchoring it would cause the tween to not run.

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