Tweening the UDim2 of a GUI object in a UIList

Hi! I recently came across an issue when attempting to tween the position of a GUI object that has it’s position locked by a UIList in the same parent. I can’t find any solutions, and I kinda need it!

Please post any questions, suggestions, or solutions. I greatly appreciate any support!

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There’s no alternaltive to a locked property,
You can proceed by modifying childrens of said affected object from UIList though
Here is what i usually do to get a auto-correction for Positions :

This is UIList, but obj’s Size is not locked, and, if modified, the space required will also be modified.
(will push other’s listed UIListLayout objects)

So you can animate freely all the contents “inside” the frame + requesting any amount of space you want.

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Okay, thanks for your feedback!