Tweens are not Playing Smoothly

Hi there Devs,

I’ve been running into this issue where my tween does not work smoothly, here is a clip of the problem:

Video Footage

You can see here that the Tweens do not play smoothly when the mouse is near the Sensor

The Code
local SensorHideTextButton = SystemTexts.Sensor

	-- || Button
	TweenService:Create(HideTextButton, TweenInfos.UIRelated.HideSystemLabel, {BackgroundTransparency = 0.6}):Play()
	TweenService:Create(HideTextButton, TweenInfos.UIRelated.HideSystemLabel, {TextTransparency = 0}):Play()
	-- || UIStroke
	TweenService:Create(HideTextButton.UIStroke, TweenInfos.UIRelated.HideSystemLabel, {Transparency = 0.5}):Play()
	TweenService:Create(HideTextButton.TextUIStroke, TweenInfos.UIRelated.HideSystemLabel, {Transparency = 0}):Play()

	-- || Button
	TweenService:Create(HideTextButton, TweenInfos.UIRelated.HideTextButton, {Transparency = 1}):Play()
	TweenService:Create(HideTextButton, TweenInfos.UIRelated.HideTextButton, {TextTransparency = 1}):Play()
	-- || UIStroke
	TweenService:Create(HideTextButton.UIStroke, TweenInfos.UIRelated.HideTextButton, {Transparency = 1}):Play()
	TweenService:Create(HideTextButton.TextUIStroke, TweenInfos.UIRelated.HideTextButton, {Transparency = 1}):Play()

Thanks a lot for your help!

Can you send a photo of the TweenInfos? Could be something to do with how they are defined. This looks like it is working correctly, but maybe using default paramaters for the TweenInfos (Quad tweening that eases outwards as per the documentation)

What happens if you create the tweens above the MouseEnter and MouseLeave functions. It’s a standard practice.
Basically you should only create them one time, and you just play them when needed.
It may be causing it to lag a little.