TweenService position overflow

Consistent Tweenservice/Pathfinding bug: Running decimal time movements with pathfinding results into a strange bug, where every parts position turns into:

0, -340282346638528859811704183484516925440, 0

Specific Game:

In this game, there are two parts, a white block and a black block. The black blocks goal is to move to the white block. The bug occurs in the game, and the black block disappears around the time it arrives.
When I’m in studio, dragging the part around for example, the bug occurs while the part is moving and not just on the end.

I’m hoping the engineer investigating the bug will be able to view this private game in studio. If not, please inform me and I will privately message you the file.

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Hi there, Please could you share the code you are using, or upload a place file that includes a repro of the bug? You can send me this as a direct message if you’d prefer.

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I have sent you a direct message of the place file.

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Not an engine bug, will follow up in a direct message.

Hey, I’m experiencing this bug as well. Care to help?

EDIT: Potential solution

It sounds like you’ve resolved the issue. Feel free to ping me again if not.

For context, the original issue was caused by performing CFrame.lookAt on identical vectors resulting in an invalid CFrame being passed to TweenService. Here’s the answer I gave to the original user:

If you supply an invalid CFrame to TweenService, it’ll still attempt to perform the requested operation. The solution is to make sure you know when the two positions are the same, and to write a special case for this which does what you think it should.

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