Two Recent Builds

I’m currently working on a showcase/hangout based around Little Nightmares 2, with some hints of realism. It started as a realism showcase, but I got the idea to increase the scaling so you seem small in a big world. Here’s a few screenshots:

And here’s the link to it if you wish to check it out yourself:
Rogue District (Desc) - Roblox

To get into the room, walk on the gutter at the top of the ladder behind the bench. Follow the gutter towards the wall and you’ll find 2 stones you can jump onto and into the window.

My other project that I made in about an hour for fun, is just a simple little showcase based around a basketball style on Roblox, known as PBL. It is also themed the same as Little Nightmares 2.
Here’s screenshots that were used for the icon and thumbnail:

Along with the link if you wish to check it out:
Little Hoops - Roblox

Let me know what you think and any ideas/suggestions you might have!

Check out my most recent builds and leave feedback below! (10 graphics recommended)
Little Hoops - Roblox
Rogue District (Desc) - Roblox


I recommend getting rid of the free models.
other then that, its cool.

The first game has 4 free models total and is being changed at some point regardless. A dragon sign, the radio, the money, and the gun. The 2nd doesn’t have a single free model in it.

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