Type Race - Update Logs



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Voice Chat is now available in new servers!

Update Log

Latest Update (10-11-21)

  • Added Voice Chat! (Party support & voice only servers)
  • Bug fixes

Previous Updates

Update 5-11-21
  • Added new Elimination gamemode! (still unfinished but we have released a test version of the gamemode)
  • Added WPM Highscores!
  • Added WPM Tracker/Statistics!
  • Added an Exit Game button
  • Added new settings!
    • Toggle Global Shadows
    • Set Time Of Day
    • Set Brightness
    • Toggle Parts
    • Toggle Baseplate
    • Toggle Random Skyboxes
    • Toggle Zoom Effect
    • Toggle Automatic Text Color
    • Set Camera Movement Speed
    • Toggle Fail Sounds
    • Toggle Success Sounds
    • Toggle Type Sounds
  • Added 9 new badges!
    • First Place!
    • Second Place!
    • Third Place!
    • Typed A Letter!
    • First To Ready Up!
    • Played Normal Gamemode!
    • Played Survival Gamemode!
    • Played Squid Game Gamemode!
    • Played Elimination Gamemode!
  • Bug fixes, Improvements & changes
    • When you join the game, it now displays your party instead of the parties list
    • Fixed a bug where if you apply your customization settings without changing text color settings it would make the text color red
    • Fixed some UI imperfections
    • Improved anti-cheat
    • Improved and cleaned settings UI
    • Improved performance
    • and much more!
Update 15-10-21
  • Added Settings! | FOV, Camera Angle, Auto-Ready & more!
  • Added Fonts in Customization
  • Added a crown icon for party owners
  • Improved PC & Mobile UI
  • Major bug fixes