Typos & Minor Edits Mega-thread

Lines 6 and 11 in the sample code for CanSendGameInviteAsync and PromptGameInvite use pcall incorrectly.

Line 6: local res, canSend = pcall(SocialService:CanSendGameInvite(targetPlayer))

Line 11: local res, canInvite = pcall(SocialService:PromptGameInvite(targetPlayer))


AllowThirdPartySales simply says uses instead of users.

The MouseButton1Down page and MouseButton2Down page seem to very confused on what button does what. The MouseButton1Down page explains what MouseButton1Down does but using MouseButton2Down. Then the MouseButton2Down page says it is activated when the left mouse button is clicked.

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At the top of the Terrain post the “NotCreatable” notice is in Chinese even though language is set to English.

The visualization image is broken here -


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LoadLibrary should be removed from the Roblox Globals page now that it has been officially removed.

The Limb Enum page mentions R16 in every case where R15 should be displayed.

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The Emit method page has a broken link due to a misspelling of Enabled.

2 small issues here:

1. ContentProvider:PreloadAsync() Code Example description incorrect.

The code example shown on the PreloadAsync page states, “In this example a Decal and Sound are preloaded into a game. Once they have finished loading the script will print a message to the output.”

However, there is no sound shown; only 2 images, and it doesn’t print anything.

Image of the page

2. UserInputService InputBegan & InputEnded Code Examples have an unused variable.

Both examples have a variable called keyPressed, but it doesn’t get used. For simplicity sake, I include both since they basically share the same example code aside from one using InputBegan and the other using InputEnded in its place.

Image of the page

In the article on the Release Notes for 423, the first note has two instances of dead links due to misspelled class names.

UIGradient is written as “Gradient” and ParticleEmitter is written as “Particle.”


This page explaining the AnchorPoint property has a mistake where it tries to explain what it does.

“This property determines a GUI, which is relevant to its absolute size”


This could be altered to “This property determines the origin of a GUI, which is relevant to its absolute size” instead.

The Region3 Pages’ example suggests

local terrain = game:WaitForChild("Terrain")

Line 5 ^

is valid, its not a child of game, it’s a child of the workspace, this may be confusing to new developers. :slight_smile:

:FindPartOnRay() page is missing what this method should return. I’m pretty sure it returns a lot of stuff such as the found part, the exact point of intersection, the face that was touched (I think), and the material of the part.

The ChatColor Enum says “ChatStyle” in the description, which is a completely different thing.



It would be nice if string.gsub return types were annotated as string, int since it returns two values, the second one being how many replacements were made.

string.find's return types are properly annotated this way.

Also number is the incorrect type for plain. It should be bool.

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Broken image in WorldToViewportPoint

Hasn’t been solved yet.

The “Asset Types” hyperlink on the MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo() page, when clicked, leads to the 404 error page because it doesn’t exist, when it should lead to this page: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/enum/AssetType

The Ray page has a broken link to Workspace:FindPartOnRay(), which has been changed to WorldRoot:FindPartOnRay().